Petrocapita is built around the premise that demand for energy will continue to move prices higher over the long-term. Petrocapita was created to allow investors to add professionally managed oil & gas assets directly to their portfolios. 

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Energy Basics

Supply: The financial crisis has pushed the issue of oil supply out of the limelight, while we believe the underlying issues remain unchanged.

Demand: Oil is trading well below its inflation-adjusted peak of around US$105/bbl from the 1970s. The current oil markets, however, are dramatically different from 30 years ago - there is much less spare capacity and increasing decline rates.

Emerging Markets: We believe the emerging economies will continue to be a key future driver of incremental energy demand. For example, China, already the second largest oil consumer in the world, is still moving from its current low consumption level of around 3 barrels per person per year to western levels of around 20 barrels per person per year.

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